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BrainPOP Jr. | Main Idea | Lesson Ideas
Supporting details are sentences that support the main idea. These sentences have information that helps explain and prove the author's point. For example, a .

Topic Sentence; Statement of the main idea. It is the statement under which all other material in the paragraph – examples, reasons, facts, details and other .

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Finding the Main Idea | Landmark School Outreach Program
The writer then uses the rest of the paragraph to support the main idea. Let's use the paragraph below as an example. First find the topic, then look for the main .

Supporting Details
These details demonstrate the validity of the main idea. They often list parts, aspects, steps, or examples of the main idea. Or sometimes they may list the causes .

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Bridge Project Bridge Project

New York State Elementary Test Prep- ELA 4- 2nd Grade - Main Idea
The main idea is the most important idea of a paragraph. A main idea is often stated in the first sentence of a paragraph. The main idea is what the paragraph is .

Main idea and supporting details presentation
Jul 5, 2010 . What are supporting details? Supporting details are examples and extra information that help you understand the main idea. Let's look at the .

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Example of the main idea
The 3 main idea topics is: 1. To Inform 2. To Persuade 3. To Entertain Examples of (To Inform): Our ozone layer protects us from harmful Ultraviolet rays .

Determine main idea and supporting details - New Readers Press
and Supporting Details. RULE. The main idea expresses the most important point or points. The supporting details—facts or examples— explain and elaborate .

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Third Grade Language Skill Builders - Main Idea and Theme
[New as of 4/1/11]; Get The Idea - Read the text to determine the main idea or essential message and identify relevant supporting details and facts.

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Identifying Topics, Main Ideas, and Supporting Details--Reading ...
Nov 6, 2003 . Details, major and minor, support the main idea by telling how, what, when, . These sentences present facts, reasons, examples, definitions, .

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Establishing the Main Idea -
This article will help you teach your students about finding the main idea while they . main ideas, they better understand the purpose of the details—which further . Some examples of topics include recycling, mammals, trees of New England, .

Main Idea and Details
Display the diagram and model finding the main idea and details. Add the first . idea; details give examples and information; they tell about the main idea.) .

FCAT READING SKILL: Determine Main Idea: Stated or Implied
You draw an inference to find the implied main idea: IMPLIED. MAIN. IDEA. = YOUR. KNOWLEDGE. +. DETAILS. Example: Miguel got an “F” on his history test.

Main Idea Activities
This shows that the main idea is what supports all of the details. Differentiate it by . For example, "Mom-Soccer" means that the child's mom took him to soccer.

Writing: Interesting and Important Ideas -- Six Traits Assessment ...
For example, another reader might think the main idea of Chores is the last . Interesting Details That Help Readers Understand and Appreciate the Main Idea .

What is Bullying?
Mar 15, 2010 . the skill of finding the main idea and details. 1. The main idea of a paragraph is one statement that sums up what the . One example of how it .

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Rules for Finding the Topic Sentence - the main home page.
A paragraph is a group of sentences about one main idea. . Most of the detail sentences support, give examples, prove, talk about, or point toward the topic in .

Getting Main Idea & Related Details
LNG 102 Fundamental English II. Getting Main Idea and Related Details. Example D: Usually, neither white nor brown sugar is sifted before measuring.

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Main Idea and Supporting Details Sample - YouTube
Jan 6, 2010 . Main Idea and Supporting Details Sample . Context Clues Videoby ivynotes 10276 views · TOEFL Speaking question 6 part 1 (4 samples) 10: .

main idea
In this case, the reader must provide the main idea by considering all of the support--the examples, details, facts, etc.--and discussion about the topic provided by .

Summary, Main Idea, Supporting Details Example
Jun 7, 2009 . Summary, Main Idea, & Supporting DetailsThe main idea of a passage is what the passage is mostly about. It is the basic point that the author .

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Identify Main Idea Eighth 8th Grade English Language Arts Standards
Finding the Main Idea This site includes questions for your students to check their . Summarize as You Read - When you summarize, eliminate unnecessary details. Focus on . Then add another example that could be included in that group.

Main Idea and Supporting Details Study Guide |
In the first example, supporting details are that wheat, rice, and other grains are useful grasses, and people . Each detail supports or expands on the main idea.

5th - main idea
are asked to summarize the main idea and supporting details, retell the plot sequence in a piece of fiction . Details include key words, phrases and examples.


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Connecting a Main Idea and Details
In an expository paragraph, good writers express the main idea in a well-focused topic sentence. They connect the details and examples in the paragraph to the .

Reading Practice Test
Supporting details are reasons, examples, steps, or other kinds of factual evidence that explain a main idea. Consider this example: Main idea: Our government .

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Main Idea Lesson 1: Vibration and Sound (Science)
Distinguish the main idea and supporting details in expository . Give examples of how tools, such as automobiles, computers, and electric motors, have affected .

CCC&TI QEP Website
Vivid examples and details support the main idea and keep the reader interested. Well-developed sentences that are concise, compelling, and easy to read.

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