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AT&T - Local Calling Area
Find your Local Calling Area . Enter your own AT&T wireline area code and then your prefix, which is the first three digits of your seven-digit phone number.

Milestones in AT&T History| History| AT&T
Within a few years, licensed telephone exchanges open in every major city in . telephone switch (special purpose computer) in a local telephone exchange, .

All AT&T and BellSouth marks contained herein and as set forth in the trademarks and service marks section of the . A3.5.2 Local Calling Area Exchanges. 22 .

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All AT&T and BellSouth marks contained herein and as set forth in the . Property or AT&T affiliated companies. A3. . A3.6.1 Local Calling Area Exchanges. 4 .

2.2. A3.6.1 Local Calling Area Exchanges. 2.2. A3.6.2 List of Exchanges by Local Access and Transport Area (LATA). 7.1. A3.7. Monthly Exchange Rates. 8 .

A short history of the telephone industry and regulation
Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone in 1876, and formed Bell Telephone which licensed local telephone exchanges in major US cities. AT&T was .

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AT&T INDIANA GUIDEBOOK PART 4 - Exchange Access Services ...
nonrecurring charges (NRC's) associated with local exchange access lines ordered at the time of initial subscription to AT&T Business Local Calling Assurance.

Incumbent local exchange carrier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC), is a local telephone company in the United States that was in existence at the time of the breakup of AT&T into the .

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CP's Local Telephone Exchange Personal Tour. Unedi - YouTube
Dec 17, 2011 . This is Saw footage of my Trip to the Local Telephone Exchange . Switches, dslams, Local Exchanges, ISDN, LD, InterLATA, ect. ATT L...

To Find Your Local Phone Service Provider - Lifeline Link-Up
Local Telephone Companies are Listed Below. Alphabetically by . Colona - Geneseo Telephone Company & AT&T . Martinsville - Odin Telephone Exchange .

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AT&T Local Exchange Service
Bell's collection of local exchanges became known as the infamous “Bell System. ” In 1885, the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) were .

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AT&T Account Manager
Find access numbers by State or by Area Code & Exchange . Make sure the access numbers are local to your calling area since you will be responsible for all .

PHONE History - Huntsville Rewound (AL/USA) Rocket City USA
Jan 24, 2012 . Comcast and Knology add Decatur to local calling area in response to at&t local calling area change. some Huntsville exchanges in 2007 .

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AT&T Business Local Calling (“BLC”) is an optional business package . with the establishment of all local exchange access lines that are subscribed to AT&T .$FILE/BLCTariff072409.doc

Telephone Services - Cingular | SUNY Geneseo
Free Local Calling (please see Local Calling Exchanges on our website, as not . and their SUNY Geneseo email address when visiting a local AT&T retailer in .

LOCAL TELEPHONE SERVICE: A Complex Dance of Technology ...
New York. Telephone, the local operating company licensed by American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T), was the dominant local exchange company in that .

Tariffs - AT&T
This site provides access to AT&T tariffs of Incumbent Local Exchange Companies, AT&T Telephone Companies, AT&T Communications, TCG, AT&T Mobility, .

Bell System divestiture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Effective January 1, 1984, AT&T's local operations were split into seven independent . The only difference between these two incumbent local exchange carriers . Operations in Vermont were later split into Telephone Operating Company of .

Pacific Bell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Prior to the AT&T breakup in 1984, AT&T held 89.8% of Pacific Telephone. . is the SBC subsidiary that provides regulated local exchange carrier telephone .

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Know Your Local Telephone Calling Area
local calls are made within a geographic area or exchange and have no costs beyond the monthly basic local exchange fee. . AT&T service territories and, .

Real Competition? Proposed Deregulation of Local Telephone ...
subjecting the incumbent local exchange carriers to a number of duties . charges on AT&T Illinois' residential basic services for three calling plans would be .

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Local, Local Toll, and Long Distance Calling |
Local exchange service provides calling within your exchange. . Bell Operating Companies, which handled local exchange and local toll services, and AT&T, .

Telephone World - Telephone Related Links
Nov 27, 2010 . Local Calling Guide - Great website to help you determine local calling areas for . Telephone Exchange Names - Find out what could have been the telephone . at&t - The local arm of "at&t", formerly SBC Communications.

NOTE: Extended Area Service (Local Calling Plans between exchanges in Ohio) - other than non-optional . Extended Local Calling . ECONO-CALL (AT&T) .

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520 Area Code | WhitePages
Free search for (520) phone numbers in Arizona (including .

Local Telephone Service - Michigan in Brief
The local-telephone market would remain a publicly regulated monopoly. The modified final judgement split AT&T's local-exchange companies into seven .

Ohio Bell Telephone Company: Information from
So, Bell Telephone had its AT&T subsidiary (incorporated in New York where rules for expansion were more lenient) take over its local phone exchanges as well .

Local Voice Domestic-Regional | Wholesale | AT&T
AT&T provides wholesale local access services to local voice service . provides for originating and terminating local calls and includes exchange access.


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Gettysburg College - Basic Telephone Information
Gettysburg College has chosen AT&T long distance services. . LOCAL CALLS: The following exchanges are local calls: 334, 337, 338 & 339-(Gettysburg), .

AT&T INDIANA GUIDEBOOK PART 4 - Exchange Access Services ...
EXCHANGE AREA RATE GROUPS. A. General. Rates for telephone exchange service are based on the number of main terminals in the local calling area of an .

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Rural Telephone Cooperatives | Research on the Economic Impact ...
They provide local telephone exchange services, long distance telephone operations, . Between 1934 and 1982, American Telephone and Telegraph ( AT&T) .

Compare 10-10 phone rates and save on long distance service!
1) How can I contact phone companies to get more information? . That page also lists which companies own the 10-10 numbers -- for example AT&T owns 1010 345. . Some local exchange carriers (your local telephone company) may not .

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